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NANO K – 100mg Kratom Chocolate Minis


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Who is this amazing kratom extract chocolate made by?

Produced by Patsy’s Chocolates, making chocolate since 1903 based out of Colorado, and boy, are they good at it! They have to be to cover up the flavor of 100mg of Kratom extract.

What is the flavor like?

Well, this is probably the best tasting Kratom treat I have personally tried, and I've tested many! The chocolate does a fantastic job of covering the flavor, although there is a slightly bitter aftertaste. Well worth it for the effect and much much better than the alternative extracts!

What is the benefits of Kratom extract vs Kratom Powder?

Kratom Extract is much easier on your stomach than powders or capsules. After taking capsules, after they finally digest, I will get a nasty burp and just taste straight kratom. For those of you who have not tried Kratom, Kratom has a tea/spinach/ earthy taste to it which is stronger in some strains than others. Kratom extracts have a numbing effect and an almost medicine like flavor. Old expired kratom has an almost dirt and grass mixed flavor. As it doesn’t sound pleasant it is an acquired taste that you now do not have to acquire because these chocolates actually do it justice.

How much kratom should I take?

How do I know based on grams, how many milligrams of mitragynine I should try? 1-2 grams of Kratom is a great starting point for most new consumers. Each gram of kratom powder, depending on stain, can have around 8-10mg of mitragynine each! For a beginner this means, this small 100mg chocolate is around 5 doses! So, please insure you use responsibly!

NanoK 100mg Kratom extract Chocolate Minis Said to be Relieving, Relaxing, Energizing or Mood Enhancing

NANO K – 100mg Kratom Chocolate Minis


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