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I’m just a girl with a passion to help people. My name is Brandy and I moved to Danville about 5 years ago and started a faimily with my other half Josh. His dad and him have their business here (Allen’s Towing and Services), and I had started Simply Clean Corners. After not being able to find reliable help I decided to look into something else I was passionate about.

My Experience with CBD all started with my dog started getting seizures and arthritis in his back legs. It was recommended by the vet to get him compounded pills for the seizures and a narcotic pill they would provide for the arthritis. They couldn’t prescribe him the pill they prefer for the arthritis because of interference with the seizure meds. It was a mess. So I didn’t end up putting him on anything and searching for other alternatives.

That’s when I found out about CBD. After just 1 week he was running around like a puppy again, and jumping up on to the furniture. He hasn’t had a seizure since either. Its been over 3 years, when he was having seizures at least once a month for over a year prior. Snoopy is now 12 years old – at the end of his life expectancy – and he still runs around and plays, and chases the cats out of the yard.

After seeing how well it worked for him and his arthritis, I tried it for myself.

What do I use it for: Three things – Arthritis in my neck and back, as a preventative for Migraines I’ve gotten, that nothing worked for, since I was 5 years old, and Crazy mood swings. It works. Don’t let me get started on how awesome Kratom has worked for me either.

This is my story, but there are several people I know that have benefited from CBD and Kratom products as well. Whether they had anxiety issues, pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. CBD has helped.

The Kratom that I found by 1836 Kratom has been a game changer. It is a great alternative to all of the pain pills and other pharmasuticals out there.

You can learn more about all of the benefits to CBD and Kratom by navigation thru the menu above.

We are here to help you feel more like the “old you” Come have breakfast or lunch with us and let us help you find what works best for you! Enjoy the consignment art while you there and maybe even take a piece home if it calls out to you!

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