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NANO K – 100mg Kratom Chocolate Minis

Indulge in the amazing Kratom extract chocolate made by Patsy’s Chocolates, a Colorado-based chocolatier since 1903. With their expertise, they’ve perfectly masked the flavor of 100mg of Kratom extract. This delicious treat offers a fantastic taste, though a slight bitter aftertaste remains. The benefits of Kratom extract include being easier on the stomach compared to powders or capsules. Say goodbye to the unpleasant burp and taste associated with traditional Kratom consumption. Experience the numbing effect and medicinal benefits of Kratom extracts today.


    Athenan’s Elixir 1oz Shot (Kava Kava, Kratom, Guarana & Lion’s

    Each serving is packed with: 235mg of Kavalactones 50mg of Mitragynine 50mg of Caffeine Elixir by 1836 Kratom is perfect for: Boosting energy Enhancing mental clarity Supporting overall well-being

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      CBD etc. Brewed 4oz Kratom Shots – Various Strength and

      You read that right. We brew it here, we make it yummy and we make it with only the best. All ingredients are preservative free, corn syrup free and fresh! All the Kratom that is  used is by 1836 Kratom out of Austin Texas. A very well known, elite kratom that takes pride in their...


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