You may be wondering what CBD etc. does for you. Here is a bit of what sets us apart.

We support local artist! Shop our local artist work including things from Woodwork, Painting (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Resin), Multi-Media, Digital, Fractal, Crochet, Clay, Pottery, Stained Glass and more! Look out for the Artist of the Week, EVERY MONDAY get 10% off their work (out of the stores cut!) All art is on consignment.

We call the labs that tested the products we carry before we even put them on the shelf, to insure they are not forged and that what is on the labels, is exactly what you are receiving.

We educate you on the products that will best suit your needs, including, helping you find the correct dose, how the products work with your body and how they are processed, where they come from, the medicinal value, the effects and side effects.

We drug test the Kratom we carry, to insure it is not laced with any opioids, MDMA, Meth, Cocaine, and many other contaminants that could cause addictions or terrible side effects or even death in some cases.

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