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NonAss to prevent hangovers


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NonAss by Steding & Sons

May support: Reduced Misery The Day After Drinking

Non-Ass is intended to prevent feeling miserable the day after drinking booze (alcohol)

Discover the remarkable advantages of NonAss:

Non Ass has ingredients that may be beneficial for your liver function, supporting energy and your immune system.

Ingredient include:

Capsules include: Gelatin capsules

Shots include: Purified Water, Sunflower Lecithin, Lemon Powder, Lime Powder, Citric Acid, and Stevia Extract

Vine Tea Extract (DHM): May support liver function and alcohol metabolism

Milk Thistle Extract: May support Detoxification

Reishi Mushroom Extract: May support improved liver health and more

Vitamin B1: May support energy and ability to metabolize fats and proteins

Vitamin B2 – May support Carbohydrate break down to support energy production in body

Vitamin B6: May support normal brain development, nervous system and immunity heath

Vitamin B12: May support red blood cell formation, cell metabolism and production of DNA (the molecules inside cells that carry genetic information
Pantothenic Acid (B5):  May support breaking down fats and turning it into energy
Niacin (B3): May support nervous system, digestive heath, and skin health
Folic Acid: May support brain function and emotional health
Vitamin C: May support the immune system

Supplement Facts


Vine Tea Extract (DHM): 

Milk Thistle Extract:

Reishi Mushroom Extract:

Vitamin B1: 4.5mg (375% DV)

Vitamin B2 – 3.9mg (325% DV)

Vitamin B6: 4.5mg (350% DV)

Vitamin B12: 4.5mg (295% DV)

Pantothenic Acid (B5):  6.5mg (130% DV)

Niacin (B3):
14.5mg (90% DV)

Folic Acid: 0.205mg (51% DV)

Vitamin C: 90mg (100% DV)
NonAss 4pk Capsules 50pk capsules and liquid shot. by Steding & Sons Serving size 2 capsules before and 2 after drinking to help keep you from feeling like ass the day after drinking

NonAss to prevent hangovers


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