Uncle Andy’s Executive order in Kentucky for Medicinal Marijuana and Delta 8 THC

What does it mean for the Delta 8 and the CBD industry? Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Kentucky now? Where are the Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries in Kentucky?

These are all fair questions, and I am here to give it to you straight.

As of right now, all Gov. Beshear has done, is put regulations on the labeling of Delta 8 THC products, which in my opinion should have been done over a year ago when all of this started to blow up. From what I can tell, it is all completely reasonable, considering most are using this as medication and it is definitely not something you want the wrong person (YOUR CHILD OR ANIMALS) to get a hold of with out knowing what they are taking. With so many cases, of certain facilities, not explaining to the customer what they are buying or getting themselves into; and so many under estimating the head change that will occur, I personally think this is a very good thing. Although it is taking us a few extra steps to insure that the companies we are purchasing from are in compliance with the new laws and it may knock a few of them out for good, we are in the business to help people not potential harm them.

As for the medical marijuana bill that he has set in place, YES… Medical Marijuana is legal as of the first of 2023 BUT WE CANNOT OPEN A MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY IN KENTUCKY YET! Although you MUST get your PRESCRIPTION from a Kentucky Doctor your prescription MUST be filled IN ANOTHER STATE that it is legal in. You must keep all of your documentation including your prescription and your receipts from the dispensary you filled it at to be in compliance with the law. Sounds like its going to be a little harder than we were hoping to get Medical Marijuana home. To my knowledge, Govoner Beshear has not required any extra training required for a doctor in Kentucky to prescribe marijuana, so that is a plus for now.

Why did Andy Beshear do this and not allow a dispensary in Kentucky? Simple answer… In my opinion… IT’S A LOT OF WORK! There is a lot to go into determining regulations on the dispensary including how many per population are allowed, what protocols and training must be taken by the facility staff and owners and how much money the dispensary is going to have to fork over to have a license to dispense. In other states the license alone is over $10,000 not to mention the Doctor they have to have on staff and security that must be on site and the extra tax they have to pay. This is all things that take time to come to a consensus on, and in my personal opinion, it will probably be a year before anything goes into effect.

This is my opinion, please form your own. The link to the executive order is below.

http://governor.ky.govhttps://governor.ky.gov › 20…PDFExecutive Order 2022-798

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