Can you take CBD and pass a drug test? YES BUT HOW?

The simple answer is YES…. BUT….

Not all CBD oils are created equally. In Danville, KY you can find several brands, from several different stores. Here at CBD etc in Danville, KY, we insure you know what you are getting and which products you can use and we and confidently say that you WILL pass a drug test, or you will not. We have all of the 3rd party Lab test easily available for your viewing and the manufacturers we use, are GMP certified, meaning the facility practices Good Manufacturing Practices and keep a clean facility.

You WILL PASS a drug test with our Broad Spectrum or Isolate CBD Products. BROAD SPECTRUM CBD products and Broad Spectrum CBG products, contain no detection of THC but do contain several other beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. (This information is based on the most recent labs of broad spectrum products that we have available. Please insure you check any lab test for broad spectrum products that you are taking to insure that there is not only NO THC but also NO CBN or other THC related prducts that may shop up as THC in your system.)

With a FULL SPECTRUM CBD Product you may NOT PASS a drug test.

A sure fire way to pass a drug test but still be able to use your favorite hemp derivative like CBD or CBG is to get an ISOLATE HEMP PRODUCT. Isolate means that the only cannabinoid found in the product would be the one listed on the label.

The difference being the minute traces of THC that you will find in FULL SPECTRUM CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD Chocolates.

Why would you choose a Full Spectrum Product over a Broad Spectrum Product? The Minute Traces of THC in a full spectrum product helps activate the other cannabinoids and also, when extracting the THC for a Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Product like Broad spectrum CBD or Broad spectrum CBG you are also losing small amounts of other terpenes. Some say its not noticeable to be concerned, others can notice a slight difference.

This is just a very small bit that hopefully helps at least one person who has possibly not gotten to use hemp products based on the idea that they would possibly lose their jobs. I am here to tell you that the benefits of the Hemp Plant, including CBD and CBG, is well worth the research.

At CBD etc. in Danville, KY we strive to get you the best most recent information about all of our products we keep in the store. We only carry the best CBD, the best CBG, the best Delta 8 THC, the best CBN, the best THC-v, and the best Kratom in the industry (that we know of). We go above and beyond to make sure you are properly educated on the how to’s and the how much’s and which product will truly work best for you. We have a completely free sample bar in the shop we will get you set up with a take home sample bag so we can get you what works best for you without a huge investment.

Give us a call anytime with any questons. (859)379-2156

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