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Check out our PRICE DROPS throughout the store!

Price Drops on Larger containers of Kratom, Carts and Disposables, and Delta 8 Products! Check it out! Disposables – Now only $37.50 Cartridges – Now only $32.50 4oz Powder – Now only $35.00 8oz Kratom – Now only $60.00 150 1g Capsules of 1836 Kratom – Now only $60 What a great thing when all…

20% off for all Veterans! and 50% off all FOOD!

If you come in on a normal basis, you already know, as a veteran you received 10% off your purchase on a regular basis. Basis. We have decided that for veterans Day, you should be recognized. Every veteran will receive an extra 10% off, that’s 20%! , Let us feed you. All you have to…

Delta 8 THC – WHAT?

Is what you have been hearing about Delta 8 THC True? Is it harsh and Gross, or is it smooth and Good? Is it Weak? IS IT LEGAL? The answer to this question is… ITS ALL TRUE. It all depends on what company made it. Well.. that and where you live. Delta8THC is federally as…

Age Restrictions

Please Note: several of our items are age and location restricted. If you have questions about restrictions please ask before purchasing.

18+ for Kratom

21+ for Delta 8, Delta 9 and CBD Chocolates

You will be required to provide proof of age after purchase of age restricted items before your order is shipped.

Failure to provide proper age verification will result in a restocking fee.

Questions Call (859) 379-2156
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