99 RED BALI – 1836 Kratom – Relieving and Relaxing


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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a Tree Leaf that gets dried out and ground up into a powder, which proper name is Mitragyna Speciosa. This is considered to be in the coffee family and it works with your opioid and other receptors in the brain. There are several strains of Kratom that all offer different results

What are the effects of 99 RED BALI 1836 Kratom?

4 stars have been given in RELIEF, RELAXATION and 5 For MOOD ENHANCEMENT, 3 for FOCUS and 2 for ENERGY.

Words from the manufacturer “The ultimate laid back island strain! a slightly brighter red, believed by many to offer a mellow mood and a mild sense relaxation. People believe this strain to offer effective pain relief and with less sedation than Texas Red. A favorite of socialites and good friends.”

When should I take this?

When you need to relax and focus or just in time for relaxing before bed.

How much Kratom should I take? Kratom Dosage.

I personally recommend starting with 1/2 tsp = 1 gram or 1 Capsule = 1 gram. If you do not see results from the 1/2tsp  when taking in powder form, after around 15-30 min you may take about a  gram more. You should see results within 15-30min. If taking Capsules you may want to give it about 45min – 1hr before consuming anymore to give the capsules time to break down to truly see the results.

Should Kratom be taken with food?

No, This works much better if taken on an empty stomach. Wait around 30 minutes, until the Kratom kicks in, to chow down!

Can I take this with my prescription medication?

CHECK OUT for information on interactions of kratom and other medications. Some of them are not a big deal, others can increase the side effects of your other medications, resulting in trouble.  Almost every medication is listed including Alcohol. So be sure to give it a look before trying kratom. BE SMART, consult with your doctor before consuming any natural or unnatural substances.

Who is 1836 Kratom?

1836 Kratom, Formally known as Quantum Kratom is in Austin, Texas. They are a highly rated small business that is a American Kratom association GMP Certified vendor. They also test every batch for the two main alkaloids, so you know exactly what you are consuming.The owner is an awesome guy whom which has been using kratom for around 10 years. After tons of research and testing he has formulated these awesome blends to accommodate everyone’s needs.


1oz (28g) Powder, 1.75oz (50g) Jumbo Capsules, 5.5oz (150g) Capsules, 8oz Powder, 4oz (112g) Powder, 20 Jumbo (20g) Capsules Single Pack, Kilo Capsules, Kilo Powder


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