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Happy Hippo Thunder Hippo

Maximum energy potential. This strain is Happy Hippo #1 non-Maeng Da kratom powder. It’s also the fastest kratom strain from Happy Hippo. Effects from White Malay(Thunder Powder) can be described as “loads of clean energy, with loads of clean enthusiasm”. (in-store purchase only)

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Happy Hippo Slow-Mo

Slow-Mo Hippo is a very unique strain… It is a MIX of two different Horned Kratom varieties – White Horned Kratom and Red Horned Kratom. Red and White Horned Kratom are both known across the board to deliver a Relaxing and Relieving resonation. When combined, your result is a SUPER SLOW and Happy mentality that is followed...


Happy Hippo Magic Hippo Kratom

Red Vein Sumatra (Magic Hippo) is Happy Hippo’s #1 rated and recommended “slow” kratom strain. It is considered the second slowest red leaf and high in relaxation and relief. (in-store purchase only)


Happy Hippo Chill Hippo Kratom

White Hulu (Chill Hippo) is unique and special due to its rare nature. Not only does this strain originate from deep in the interior of Indonesia (Central Kalimantan), but White Kratom is often difficult to find. This is an ideal kratom strain to just “chill out” and relax. It also provides a comfortable disposition and...


Happy Hippo Wild Golden Hippo Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom (Wild Golden) is the most rare kratom leaf with a fast resonation. You can expect the same type of invigorating experience (but fresh) that high-quality fast speed kratom strains are known for. While fast speed kratom strains are the most prevalent or popular choice amongst Happy Hippo customers, Wild Golden is usually...


Happy Hippo Ghost Hippo Kratom

White Borneo Kratom (Ghost Hippo) is an energetic moderate leaf with reduced risk of “jitterbugs”. If you’re prone to overstimulation from fast kratom, coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout formulas, etc. Ghost Hippos is a great pick for you. This strain stimulates the mind and body, without much concern of being over-hyped or “too wired”. It provides...

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Lightning Hippo

Album reviewed and chosen by Woo.


Happy Hippo Bioavailability Potentiator

bioavailability potentiator, to feel more from your kratom