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Delta 8 THC – WHAT?

Is what you have been hearing about Delta 8 THC True? Is it harsh and Gross, or is it smooth and Good? Is it Weak? IS IT LEGAL? The answer to this question is… ITS ALL TRUE. It all depends on what company made it. Well.. that and where you live.

Delta8THC is federally as legal as CBD. Also where I am, Kentucky, It is legal. How is it legal? is a question I always get. It’s simply a technicality in the farm bill that was changed to make CBD legal. The farm bill states that ” every cannibinoid (ex. CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, etc.) is legal with the exception of Delta9THC. Delta8THC is a Cannibnoid derived from the hemp plant, therefore the farm bill legalizes it.

How long to you think the legalization will last? That’s also a question I get several times a day. In my opinion, we need to watch our P’s and Q’s and do right. By that I mean, we dont need to be selling it to people under the age of 21yrs old just because there is no law stating that we can’t. We have an obligation to keep our community safe so we need to “smoke responsiably”. It is a mind altering substance, as is alcohol, and we need to treat it as such. As for how long it remains legal, I think that is up to us. The goverment at this time seems to just be trying to keep us safe. The only alteration I know of to the legality of Delta 8 is criminalizing Synthetic or Isomerized Delta 8 products, meaning they cannot replecate the moulcule, insted it must me organically extracted from the plant.

I, for one, am glad they put this regulation in place, but I forsee it being a complicated thing to regulate without inspecting the facilities. I have spoke with the labs that test the CBD, Delta8 and Kratom products, and from what they have told me, there is no way for them to determine if it is organically extracted or isomerized, being as, the moulcules are identical! Just be sure that you trust the company you buy from. I do. If they do go about inspecting facilities, I do not see this as a bad thing. It will in turn, filter out all of the companies that are not doing right by their consumers.

So about the claims about Delta 8 THC being harsh and gross. The people making these claims have, very clearly, not tried a good brand of Delta 8. I have tired only 2 brands, iDelta8 and Hometown Hero, and both of these are exquisit! Super smoothe! and oh the flavor.. my personal favorite being the Black Berry Cush by iDelta8! The smoothness comes with the fact that both of these companies do not use any cutting agents (ex: PG, VG, MCT). All of what you are vaping is strictly cannabinoids, or terpenes and no unnecessary junk that makes it harsh and unsetteling. Also, using the correct voltage on your battery set up has a lot to do with how harsh the hits are. Oh and the flavor!? DELICIOUS!

Also, several say that it is weaker than the Delta 9, or that it has less paranoia. Based on personal experience, I would say that may be partially true. If i don’t over do it, I do not get any paranoia on Delta 8, But if I consume more than 12mg, I am gone, and there is no getting me back for another 3-6hrs. If you consider that less strong, then take a bit more and you will change your mind.

One thing I have also noticed, Delta 8 is SNEEKY! It will sneak up on you, so even though you are going into it not believing, it will do its job, you just have to give it about 15min. – If you are eating the gummies – give it anywhere from 45min-2hr – BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN YALL!- DONT SMOKE AND DRIVE.

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