CBDa CBGa Oregon State University study on COVID-19 – Could this be the answer?

You all have heard? Oregon state university recently did a study with CBDa and CBGa. In a fight against COVID-19, the cannabinoids WON! What does this mean and what is CBD-a or CBG-a? You’ve never seen the ‘a’ behind it and this is why!

CBDa and CBGa are both acids. This is found in the hemp plant naturally and is extracted from the plant along with CBD and CBG. Many times these are extracted and the end result is just CBD or CBG. The reason being, when the acid is heated, it then turns into CBD or CBG. This is why you do not find these cannabinoids in your typical CBD oil with all the others. In the process of extracting cannabinoids they use a solvent, but to keep the solvent out of the finished product, they then heat the extract with the solvent to remove said solvent, turning the acids (CBDa and CBGa) into CBD and CBG.

Are you following?

What I’m saying, in short, is that not every company is going to be able to get you these cannabinoids because they do not have the correct extraction method to do so. Even in CO2 extracting ethenol is still used and has to be heated to be removed. So, HOW, how do you get your hands on this in Kentucky when the Plant matter is Illegal without a license??

Just come to my store! Hometown hero has already formulated a CBDa CBGa tincture, and have it sitting on my shelf!


Hometown hero has the answer.

So what about this study? Is it true, does it really work? If it does work How does it work? Let me refer you to this article published by the Oregon State University! https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/oregon-state-research-shows-hemp-compounds-prevent-coronavirus-entering-human-cells

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