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12 Days Of Christmas – Day one -1st Customer – 1 gift, 2nd day – 2nd Customer – 2 Gifts….

December 12th – 24th We will be Giving away lots and lots of good stuff! See if you can be the 3rd customer on the 15th to win 3 Gifts. Try to be the 6th customer on the 6th day of give away’s, Dec.18th, to win 6 gifts or the 12th customer on Christmas eve to win 12 Gifts!!!

TIS THE SEASON! Come see us and pick up something special for your special someone! We have all sorts of fun stuff in here and ton s of NEW PRODUCTS and CONSIGNMENT ART!

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1836 Kratom Powders in various sizing. 1g capsules available

What to look out for when trying new Kratom.

Kratom is tricky, as it is a natural leaf, but it does come from Asia, and what happens to it on the way from Indonesia to the USA packaging company and then to your the store that pops up when you search “Kratom near me”, is hard to determine. Here

Age Restrictions

Please Note: several of our items are age and location restricted. If you have questions about restrictions please ask before purchasing.

18+ for Kratom

21+ for Delta 8, Delta 9 and CBD Chocolates

You will be required to provide proof of age after purchase of age restricted items before your order is shipped.

Failure to provide proper age verification will result in a restocking fee.

Questions Call (859) 379-2156
Product availability is restricted by Location, select your state below to insure you can only purchase items that can be shipped to your state.