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CBD etc. is moving shop from downtown – to Hustonville road after only one year!!! WHY?

Your favorite local CBD shop / Kratom Lounge / Consignment art shop is moving from downtown. They will NOT shut down to move, rather they will do it Saturday night and Sunday morning the weekend before the 21st of February – to be open at the new location at 1015 HUSTONVILLE RD, 1st thing at 8am Monday February 21st, 2022!

CBD etc. in Danville, KY is moving to 1015 Hustonville Road in the Collier Carpet building – directly next to InnerCounty Energy!

Is this going to be a good move? We sure hope so. There is plenty of parking which, according to Brandy, the owner of CBD etc. since October 2019, has been an issue for her customers being downtown. Several customers even got tickets for parking in the 3rd street lot, not noticing the “permit only” signs.

When asked, Brandy said “Yes, I think this will be a good move. Several of my customers need something for pain, and for them to have to walk 2 blocks if there isn’t an easy spot to pull into (parallel parking is hard) really deters them from coming in. We do offer a delivery service, but CBD etc is not only about the product you purchase but the experience and beautiful Consignment art you can check out / purchase while you have a snack and shop! “

The new location will still offer all the Treats, Consignment art, Breakfast, Salads, Bowls, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks, Sample Bar, Kratom Lounge, and all the Cannabinoids as before. They will just be in a better location with a much better set up!

When asked, Brandy expressed little concern about her customers finding her. She has been handing out flyers for weeks, and is making every effort to reach out to all previous, current and potential customers to let them know about the move.  The new location is very visible there on Hustonville Rd. and she is extremely confident in Kirby Signs, designing her a very noticeable beautiful sign To be posted on the road!
Find CBD etc on Facebook or Instagram @CBDetcLLC or check out their website at . You can also give them a call with any questions at (859)379-2156 .

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