At CBD etc., The “Etcetera” means a lot. We have so many things to offer all veered toward making you feel better. From delicious whole foods and smoothies to hemp derived products and kratom, to wonderful local consignment art, we have something for just about everything and everyone. 

One of the main products we carry, not very well known by the community, is CBG…. No, that is not a typo. Cannabigerol (CBG) is what I would like to call “the mother of all cannabinoids”. There are so many uses and it’s not something that has to build up in your system over time to feel true effects. 

CBG is known to help with IBS and Crohn’s Disease and other stomach and digestive issues. It is known to be an anti-inflammatory, pain killer and a muscle relaxant. This is awesome because Cannabidiol (CBD)  is not anything but an anti-inflammatory (In reference to relief)  which is one of the several reasons why many of the people who have tried it for pain, have had mixed results. If your pain is not caused solely by inflammation, CBD is going to have a hard time controlling your pain. There are other aspects of CBD that can aid in relief but lets focus on CBG. Other benefits of CBG that have been reported,  in decent sized doses include blood sugar and blood pressure regulation. 

CBG is a game changer.  You do not have to worry about a drug test. Even though Full Spectrum CBG is available (showing minute traces of THC), making it to where you have a very small chance to fail a drug test, we also carry it in THC FREE Broad Spectrum or Isolate CBG.

These may be words you are not familiar with, so here’s a breakdown

Full Spectrum CBD, CBG or any other cannabinoid listed as so, refers to having a wide range of cannabinoids extracted alongside the main cannabinoid. This means, since the Hemp plant naturally has trace amounts of THC (the cannabinoid responsible for a  head change in the marijuana plant) that trace amount is then in the finished product of the full spectrum products, along with all of the other major cannabinoids. More simply put, this can potentially make you fail a drug test for THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD, CBG or any other cannabinoid listed as so, refers to having a wide range of cannabinoids extracted alongside of the main cannabinoid. – BUT IT IS THC FREE. You just have to be careful with this if you have to pass a drug test.  You may need to check the labs. Although it is THC free it may have trace amounts of all other cannabinoids and if it does, you want to check to ensure it does not have CBN because CBN will also potentially show up as THC on a drug test.

Isolate is just the one Cannabinoid isolated by itself. There is no possibility that this will show up on a drug test unless they are testing for that specific cannabinoid. It just shows up as itself. Although this is the safest bet it is complicated to find the correct dose. If you take too much it will not work well. If you take too little it will not work well either. It takes a while to figure out but when you do you are good to go. This is because it does not have any of the other cannabinoids to help activate it. It is always best if the cannabinoid that is isolated has another cannabinoid isolate or terpenes added to help activate it.

There’s a very simple reason as to why we carry so many products. This is because what works for one, may not work for all. Nature does have a cure, and if it’s out there, we will do our best to help you find it. We also have worked hard to come up with a starting dosage guide and tips for taking cannabinoids to help you have them work for you.

We want to help you find what works best for you so we have a sample bar set up for that purpose. We give you free samples of the things that we think will work best for you and let you try it out before spending money on products that may or may not work. The thing is with any product you purchase, everyone’s bodys react to things differently, even though our bodys are all made up of the same things. 

We do our best to educate you about the different options and the different products. Including what they are known for, what the side effects could potentially be and what it is in general. If we do not have an answer we will find it for you. You should not have to work to be able to use our products. It is the entire reason this business exists. We will also provide you with a starting dosage guide and tips for taking the products we sell to you as well. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34569849/ check out this link for an interesting study done on CBG prominent products.

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