Did you know we have Consignment Art and a Cafe in our shop?

When you walk in our shop at 1015 Hustonville rd. and look around you will see tons of art by some well known and some striving to be well known artist. These artists are all local to Danville and surrounding cities. When they sell a piece of art, I love the excitement in their voices when we get to tell them the news!

You will also notice – or you may not, being as, it is in a different room in the shop – (There’s a door straight ahead when you walk into the shop – its there – go thru that door! You will not be disappointed!) we have a BAR! We have a very delicious Whole Foods Menu. This Menu has everything from Smoothies, Salads to Biscuits and Gravy and Avocado Toast. We put our own spin on several of the products and where possible we use local ingredients ( Sausage and eggs are from Sunwatch Homestead, Honey from Sutton Farms) and make our own food, like biscuits, and oat milk, and sweet cream. We will always offer to add any Cannabinoid, or Kratom to any food or drink item. Oh… did I mention our amazing Coffee drinks served hot or cold!?

You may be wondering what Kratom is, or even what a cannabinoid is! That is why I opened the business. To help get more people informed about what these products can do for you and the proper ways to ingest them, as well as how much you should be taking. Come in anytime and we will load you with information and give you some paperwork to take with you so you have something to refer back to.

We LOVE what we do. I say ‘we’ because I have a great team that has worked their butts off with me to get us where we are today. And we are here to stay!

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