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CBD/CBG Isolate By CBD etc.


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We personally have them made by a GMP Certified food grade facility in Wisconson. Being GMP Certified insures after 3rd party lab testing, everything is handled and packaged properly.

WHAT IS CBG (cannabigerol)? CBG is a Cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant in abundance. CBG is known to help with serveral ailments and theres been several studies showing that CBG may be Superior to CBD in certain areas. CBG is the Mother of all Cannabinoids, now.

WHEN WOULD I TAKE CBG? CBG can be taken as needed, unlike CBD. CBG actually binds to your cannabinoid receptors, replicating one of your own endocannabinoids, so it is fast acting – kind of like THC, but WITHOUT THE HEAD CHANGE! Since there are no reported side effects from taking CBG you can take it at any time of day for relief from several ailments.

WHERE SHOULD I STORE? CBG should be stored in a dark cool place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight will change the color of the cannabinoid, which is why you will typically find CBG and other cannabiniods in darker colored bottles. The gummies specifically need to be stored no warmer than room tempature to keep thier consistancy. I personally store mine in the refrigerator.

WHY SHOULD I TAKE CBG? CBG has several reported benefits including but not limitied to – Relief from pain, muscle relaxation, anti-inflamation, relief from IBS symptoms and Chrones Disease symptoms, Help with focus, Regulation of Blood Pressure

HOW SHOULD I TAKE CBG? For maximum bio-availability (Most effect from the lowest dose) using the CBG oil tincture would give you the quickest effect with maximum results. To get the best results from the oil, you should dispense the oil into your mouth and swish the oil for 1 – 2 minutes. This will allow the CBG to absorb into all the bloodvessels and absorbtion points thruout your mouth while helping to emulsifiy the oil. This prevent the CBG from having to process thru the liver (Best option for anyone with liver issues) CBG gummies are also a very good option for a longer lasting more tasteful effect. both work great. I find it more satisfying to use the gummies when in pain.


750mg, 1500mg


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