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BOOM Chaga Laka Laka to Improve Energy and Wellbeing


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BOOM Chaga Laka Laka by Steding & Sons

May support: Improved Mood and Wellbeing

Sometimes we just wish we could be nicer people. Feeling good helps. Boom Chaga Laka Laka may support improve mood and energy

Discover the remarkable advantages of Boom Chaga Laka Laka:

BOOM Chaga Laka Lakas ingredients may support brain function, mental health, clarity, stress management, metabolism, endurance, and reduce inflammation. Customer may experience increased focus and improved mood after their first serving but to maximize benefits, consistent use over the period of 1 week to 10 days is advised BOOM contains approximately 55mg of caffeine per serving.

Ingredient include:

Capsules include: Gelatin capsules

5HTP: May support mood, stress management and production of serotonin.

Guarana: Natural Caffeine may support increased brain power and focus and is rich in antioxidants

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract: May support May support increased athletic performance and reduce fatigue

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract: May support brain function and mental health

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract – May support enhanced mental clarity and stress management

Chaga Mushroom Extract: May s support improved metabolism, endurance and reduce inflammation

Reishi Mushroom Extract May support mental clarity

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 5 Capsules

Capsules include: Gelatin capsules

Approximately 55g of naturally occurring caffeine per serving

5HTP: 55mg.

Guarana: 250mg

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract: 500mg

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract: 1000mg

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract – 1100mg

Chaga Mushroom Extract: 1000mg

Reishi Mushroom Extract: 1000mg
BOOM Chaga Laka Laka 50 pack Capsules for energy and well being

BOOM Chaga Laka Laka to Improve Energy and Wellbeing


5 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 25 Points!

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