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Individual 50mg Delta 9 THC + 50mg CBD Sparkling Iced Tea Lemonade


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who makes this delicious? sparkling THC iced tea lemonade?

this 50 mg THC seltzer is made by cycling frog!

what is cycling frog sparkling THC iced tea lemonade 50 mg THC? it is a THC seltzer that will knock your socks off! made with 50 mg of THC 50 mg of CBD. this delicious Arnold Palmer is great for a fast acting smoke-free crazy head change for you to drink, drink home alone with a friend or at a party! Make sure you give it time before you drink the whole thing! or does Devie it between all your friends? it’ll be fun!

when should I drink this? definitely not while driving or before you’re going to drive. that’s a very bad idea! that will not be fun!

where should I drink this? wherever you plan to stay! probably with someone there to hold your hand if you plan to drink the whole thing by yourself. but hey who am I to tell you what to do?.

how should I drink this? it’s probably best on ice or refrigerated right out of the can. think it instead of that handle of Jack Daniels that you were planning on drinking. I promise you won’t be disappointed, especially in the morning.

ingredients: water lemon juice organic pear juice concentrate granulated sugar nano emulsified hemp extract (distilled water modified starch MCT oil hemp extract lactic acid potassium sorbate) organic clarified lemon juice brewed black tea natural black leaf tea natural lemon flavor potassium sorbate.

warning this hint product is federally legal with less than 3% THC by dry weight. do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery while under the influence of this product keep out of reach of children!

FDA disclaimer: this product is not clean to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated or approved by the United States food drug administration (fda) unless the product has been so approved.

no artificial flavors

made with black tea and fresh squeezed THC!

Individual 50mg Delta 9 THC + 50mg CBD Sparkling Iced Tea Lemonade


56 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 11 Points!

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