KEEP KRATOM LEGAL – Just take 2 minutes to fill out this form … ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT

In 2016 the governement tried to take away our abiltiy to use a very Natural Tree Leaf as alternative medication. This leaf has saved many lives, and made many peoples lives much better, my mothers and my own included. PLEASE take the time to fill this out to not only keep MILLIONS OFF of pharmasuticals but also keep me in business and my Mommy mobile! – Its helped my mom to ease the pain from degenatrive arthrisis for 4 years now.

If they take away this portion of my business + what they are trying to do with D8, I will not be able to afford to stay in business. There are people who need these things for their heath, to stay off street drugs, to stay sane… This is small but they are asking for public opinoin so lets give it to them. ONLY USE NICE WORD AND SPEAK FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES – NO TRASH TALKING THE GOVERNMENT, FDA OR ANYTHING ELSE> THAT WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE.

2 thoughts on “KEEP KRATOM LEGAL – Just take 2 minutes to fill out this form … ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT”

  1. Kratom changed my quality of life. I hadn’t left my home for 6 months before I found Kratom, & it helps my unbearable days of pain. I have an autoimmune disease that has encompassed my body through my lymph nodes, & was becoming immobile. Kratom has given me hope that I will someday be able to get a decent quality of life back.


      Rae, I am touched with your story. I just want to make sure this gets to the right place. To get this to the FDA the comments need to be left at and follow the instructions there. Thank you so much for helping Keep Kratom Legal

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