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Cellular Repair Serum

2000mg NMN plus 2000mg CBD



    This Kentucky Crafted soap, has 1000 mg of CBD added to the all natural ingredients. This is great for arthritis aches pains eczema psoriasis dry itchy skin and asked me. Enjoy this in different sense like midnight bourbon, Jasmine apricot, or unscented. Kentucky proud! THC free Ingredients: purified springwater from climax Kentucky, natural lie, coconut...


      CBD MUD Face Mask by CBD etc

      invigorate your skin with this CBD face mask by CBD etc. -25mg CBD per mask, 200mg per jar. – Pumpkin or Mud applications. – Lab Tested: 0.00% THC. – Causes a tingling sensation that is relaxing and pleasurable for most, but can irritate sensitive skin. For users with sensitive skin, apply a test patch to...


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