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What is Kratom? How does Kratom Work?


Kratom is a tree leaf that grows in Asia. This tree is in the coffee family. The tree name is Mitragyna Speciosa. This trees chemical make up changes depending on the area, soil and weather the tree is grown in. The drying methods of the leaf also have a bearing on strength and strain.

How does Kratom work?

Kratom works by binding to your opioid, seritonin and other receptors in the brain. The chemical make up of Kratom includes Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine having stimulating effects and 7-hydroxymitragynine having sedative effects. Those are the main 2 it is made up of over 14 compounds.


Kratom comes in several strains and depending on the strain you choose it has multiple benefits. Some of these benefits include pain relief, energy, focus, social anxiety relief, anti depressant, anxiety relief, mood enhancement, opioid withdrawal relief, focus, and aiding in sleep. Some believe that it has also helped tremedously with their immune system.

Kratom is a great natural alternative to sevreal perscription medicines and is has a far less severe withdrwal symptoms if you do end up developing a dependence or a tolerence.


My personal belief is that anything that make you feel good is going to have some sort of addictive nature. It is true that with Kratom you can develop a dependence. BUT, there is a way to keep this from happening. and if you follow this reccommendation it will also help prevent you from developing a tolerence to keep your dosage lower.

How do I prevent dependence on Kratom:

There are several strains of Kratom. To prevent a tollerence/dependence it is quite simple. The best way to do this is to find at least 4 strains that you like and switch between them on a regular basis. This keeps your body from getting used to something and depending on it being there. If you think of it like dieting. If you are eating a lot of food on a regular basis your body starts depending on that food being there and it heightens its metabolism and then if you go on a diet and take in much less food for an extended peroid of time your body doesn’t see it fit to keep your metabolism at its high point and it slows down thinking its not going to see that much food again.. and that’s why when you start eating normal again you gain the weight back and sometimes even more.


Kratom has gotten a little bit of a bad rep in the past just as any other alternative non perscription medication. They take statistics and mess them around trying to vear people towards pharma meds.

There have been deaths of people who have had Kratom in their systems. In all cases these people have also had other medication in their systems, Tramadol being #1. It is not at all recommended taking Kratom with any other medications. Actually it is pointless to take another medication with Kratom being as Kratom has the ability to help with the things the other medications, and usually helps more.

The main side effect from taking too much Kratom in a dose is a sedative feeling and possible nausea/ vomiting. Constipation and with a fast strain hot flashes, and appetite suppression have been reported but Kratom has not been associated with any cancers, stomach bleeding or anything else that is actually a serious concern for even over the counter pain meds.

How do you take Kratom

Several people choose to put the powder in capsules and take it that way. The only downfall to capsulizing the Kratom is that it will take a bit longer to kick in because you have to wait for the capsules to dissolve.

Others choose to put the powder in a drink, either in a smoothie, chocolate milk, orange juice or just hot water and drink it like a tea. There is no wrong way of doing this. If you are a smoothie drinker that would cover the flavor the most but with several strains tasting like tea I am personally one to put it straight in hot water and sip on it or even in my morning coffee. With the strains that taste a bit like spinish and dirt mixed together I tend to either capsulize it or put it in less hot water and take it like a shot.

When should Kratom be taken?

Kratom works its best on an empty stomach. so taking a fast or a moderate strain would be best to be taken in the morning around at least 30 min before breakfast or lunch or about 2 hrs after. Slow strains should be taken about 2 hrs after dinner or if you just want to be calm thru the day some can be taken before dinner and you will just be chill thru dinner and such. Taking a slow strain before driving is not recommend due to sleepiness that they are known for.

I have never taken Kratom before, how do I know how much to take? What’s the dosage recommendation?

Kratom reacts to all people differently, some can take a 1/2 gram and feel it others need 2 grams to feel something. The best way to know is to start out small. Being as Kratom has a fast reaction time this is something that can be sorted out within a day or 2. If you have never tried kratom before or even if you are switching brands or strains it is best to start with no more than a gram and if you do not feel anything within 45 min to go ahead and take about a 1/2 gram more every 45 min until you feel it working. Most people with the 1836 Kratom brand that we sell here at CBD etc. do not need to consume more than 2 grams at a time to feel intense effects.

How long do the effects of Kratom Last?

Again, it depends on strain and brand and so forth but it isn’t Atypical for you to feel the effects of some strains for the upwards from 5-6hrs but some strains do have a less lengthy effect only lasting from 3-4hrs.

Precautions to take when choosing which Kratom to try.

There are several places to buy Kratom. But how do you know what you are getting? It is always good no matter what you are putting in your body, be it any suplement or vitamin to look for GMP certifications and for 3rd party lab test results. The Kratom we sell here at CBD etc. is both 3rd party lab tested to insure that there are no heavy metals or contaminates in the final product and that they are not contaminating it on site when in the manufacturing process. This tells you that you are getting what you are told you are getting, nothing more and noting less.

Why should I get my Kratom from CBD etc.

Not only is the Kratom we sell here pure and we have the test results and the certification to prove it, and not only has every employee at the manufacturer tried every strain themselves but I have personally made it my mission to try each strain so I can tell you first hand how it taste and what the effects I have seen from it first hand. Also we offer free samples in store and can help you make the right decision on what strain is right for you. We have a Kratom menu of 8 strains with a short description of what to expect from each one. You can also check out the reviews from our customers on in your shop on our website.

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What to look out for when trying new Kratom.

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