THC-v…Say whaaat?

Most commonly stated to help suppress your appetite, give you a little boost of energy or even regulate blood pressure, this well rounded, cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant has several more, super exciting uses according to several different studies.

THC-v is being looked at to treat several issues including, but not limited to osteoporosis (this is a claim made on but I cannot find a study to back this up), Alzheimer’s, PTSD and diabetes. Promise is shown in research studies with all of these diseases/illnesses.

Research studies in the treatment of Alzheimer’s with THC-v that the THC-v reduced tremors, increased motor control and improved brain leisions. This is an incredible discovery that is still being researched. Check out the studies here.Investigation of Cannabis sativa Phytochemicals as Anti-Alzheimer’s Agents: An In Silico Study – PubMed (

The “helping osteoporosis claim on, I cannot find a reference on, so I looked further into it. Studies from 2009 come up with bone nodule growth (Bone spurs and abnormal growth) but I cannot find anything that shows it can help with the wanted bone growth to help osteoporosis, but there are studies still to come. Check out what I found here. Role of cannabinoids in the regulation of bone remodeling – PMC (

Type II Diabetes? Try THC-v. According to this study, THC-v can help tremendously with not only Type II Diabetes but it can also help fight obesity.Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV): a commentary on potential therapeutic benefit for the management of obesity and diabetes – PubMed (

THC and CBD have both been said to help with PTSD, but who knew that THCv also has the potential to do so as well but possibly even better, for the same reason it is a potential Alzheimer’s treatment. Check out Cannabinoids and post-traumatic stress disorder: clinical and preclinical evidence for treatment and prevention – PubMed (

All in all, THCv has many potential benefits, without the head change and without the unwanted appetite. So if you are looking to lose a few pounds, or need a little extra “get up and go”, it wouldnt hurt to try. It helps with many things other cannabinoids lack in. It is a game changer when it comes to appetite control, but also shows so much promise in other aspects like helping with treatment of Alzheimer’s and diabetes … and to think, everyone was crazy over CBD… look what we found!

One downfall: This will most likely show up in a drug test as THC, so if you need to pass a drug test for any reason, I would not suggest trying this as an alternative, unless you get permission.

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