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Jump Kicker for Improved Wellbeing, Adaptability to change and Productivity


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Jump Kicker Capsules by Steding & Sons

May support: Improved Wellbeing, Adaptability to Change, and Productivity

Jump Kicker is intended to support mood, wellbeing and productivity. The ingredients by me interesting to consumers who have consumed kratom products for these effects and are now seeking an alternative. The ingredients combined are legal in all 50 states and through out the world. Jump Kicker is not  psychoactive but instead contains ingredients that may support the body’s natural functions. Jump Kicker is intended as a daytime supplement but does not contain caffeine or any stimulants. Customers my experience improved mood after their first serving but to maximize benefits consistent use over the period of 1 week to 10 days is advised.

Discover the remarkable advantages of Jump Kicker Capsules:

Jump Kicker Capsules contain natural ingredients that may support optimal brain function, mental health, stress management improved endurance, mental clarity, sustained energy and blood flow, restlessness, and reduced anxiety.

Ingredient include:

Capsules include: Gelatin capsules and Sunflower lecithin

5HTP: May support mood, stress management and production of serotonin.

GABA: May reduce anxiety and support a calm demeanor

Agmatine Sulfate: May improve blood flow and support sustained energy

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract: May support brain function and mental health

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract – May support enhanced mental clarity and stress management

Chaga Mushroom Extract: May s support improved metabolism, endurance and reduce inflammation

Reishi Mushroom Extract May support mental clarity

May support restful sleep and reduce restlessness

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 5 Capsules

Capsules include: Gelatin capsules

Sunflower Lecithin: 5mg

5HTP: 200mg.

GABA: 750mg

Agmatine Sulfate: 1000mg

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract: 1000mg

Magnesium – 50mg

Chaga Mushroom Extract: 1000mg

Reishi Mushroom Extract: 950mg

Directions for use:

Take 5 Capsule with 12oz of water 1-2 times daily. May prefer to consume with food.


Consult physician before use. The FDA has not approved these statements. Product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or illness.

Jump Kicker 50 pack of Capsules by Steding & Sons for Daytime mood, Productivity, and adaptability to change. Kratom Alternative

Jump Kicker for Improved Wellbeing, Adaptability to change and Productivity


6 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 25 Points!

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